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Where to Vacation During Ski Week

Posted on February 11, 2020 by True North Rockies

Winter is bustling with celebrations – from MLK, to Presidents’, to Family Day (a locals’ holiday), and even to Ski Week for our Cali friends, there are countless pockets to escape in.  Packing up the family for a bit of fun is as energizing as it is rejuvenating.  And if you’re like us, you’ve been doing a fair bit of research selecting where to sneak off to.  While every destination can boast extraordinary promises – and rightly so in most cases – the Canadian Rockies really will blow your socks off.  If you’re still on the fence of where to go for your upcoming vacay, we’re hoping these little gems might just make it a bit easier.

Canada’s Playground in the Rockies

1.  Canada kindness – it’s a thing!

So everyone talks about how kind and polite Canadians are, and sure there are exceptions, and yes, some things are a bit over-exaggerated, but when all is said and done…it’s true.  Canada kindness – it’s a thing!  But so what?  How does that relate to landing on a vacation destination?  What that means is – when you and your family are on your vacay, you’re treated with genuine, unbridled kindness.  The kind that makes you feel welcomed, included, safe, and somehow familiar even when you’re in an unfamiliar place.  Travelling can be stressful, so why not surround yourself with kindness?

2. Family is family is family

Kids are kids and adults are adults, but family is family is family.  And families come in all shapes and sizes – from families with small children to couples without children, to same-sex, gender fluid, and transgender, and to parents of beloved fur-babies.  The Fairmont Hotels in the Canadian Rockies in Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper, not only welcome families but they ARE families inviting families of all shapes and sizes into their home – which in some cases, are actually castles. 

3.  The activities are endless

The Canadian Rockies are called ‘Canada’s Playground’ for a reason – they are filled to the brim with activities, excursions, and adventures for every appetite, big or small. From skiing, skating, ice climbing, fat tire biking, to events, special dining offerings, shopping, and unique experiences like Ice Bars and Ice Caves, the options are endless. Learn more about activities in Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper.

4.  Everything is 30% off!

Ok, well there may not be a sale tag, but did you know that the US dollar goes further in Canada? U.S. travelers save roughly 30% across the board thanks to favorable exchange rates between the U.S. and Canadain dollars. Be sure to check current, and even daily, exchange rates to see today’s rates, but as we sit here writing this, the rates are actually hovering at a touch higher than 30% off for our U.S. friends.

5.  Castles are fun at any age

Castles are big, their bold, and they have mysterious histories filled with adventure, romance, and heroism. And some, have histories so rich your imagination floods with stories of what might have been. Canada’s Castle in the Rockies, Fairmont Banff Springs, is a true iconic legend that dates back to the early railroad days. With a vision to create beauty big enough to match the integrity of the surroundings. The Chateau at Lake Louise is another stunner, although a totally different vibe. And for more of a relaxed and maybe more of a scene that vaguely resembles the set of Dirty Dancing, Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge makes for quite the destination.

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